Last month, we started leaking news about our release through a claw machine built in the CryptoVoxel Metaverse. EulerBeats print holders were able to claim headphone wearables to gain access to the exclusive EulerBeats Club which revealed our next drop, “Futura”. Futura is our final frontier which sets up the release of a generative music platform we have been building for months: EB Artist. There is a lot to unpack here and we wanted to give something to the community that you can really sink your teeth into so continue reading to find out more about who we plan to open up our world to.

The EulerBeats Vision

Imagine music as mathematical art on an NFT substrate. This is EulerBeats. The Original Euler Record is a limited edition set of algorithmically generated art + music based on the Euler number and the Euler's totient function consisting of the first two drops - Genesis and Enigma.

We launched EulerBeats to commemorate Leonhard Euler's discovery of his totient function phi (ɸ).  Leonhard Euler’s contributions to mathematics are well known and include geometry, infinitesimal calculus, trigonometry, algebra, and number theory, as well as continuum physics, lunar theory, and other areas of physics [Wikipedia]. Euler’s musical mathematics reflected his passion for sound. He looked to find and explain harmony in music with math. He believed it’s possible to quantify the “degree of agreeableness which might be translated as sweetness, charm, or tunefulness.”

The relationship between math, physics, music, and art is tightly intertwined. Fittingly we packaged math, art, music, royalties, instant liquidity, and scarcity into an NFT project dubbed as EulerBeats.

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What's Futura?

Futura is the third EulerBeats NFT drop. It follows on from the tradition of the first two EulerBeats drops - Genesis and Enigma - by maintaining a novel generative music + art approach at its core, and adding a fresh collection to the EulerBeats brand.

If you could fly through a music NFT, this would be it. The release pushes the boundaries of 3D generative art and music. The shape is inspired by the geometric form of a Möbius strip. In a nod to Euler, the visuals have a non-orientable surface with Euler characteristic being zero. In plain English: there is no inside or outside designation of the surface. 

Futura music will usher in remix culture with a set of ten curated Futura Master NFTs and a set of unique generative Mixes. These mixes will lend themselves to be remixed and the contracts will allow the royalties to flow back to the designated creators (the drummer, guitarist, etc.). We pioneered the implementation of instant royalties for music using the originals and prints concept in the NFT space, and now we’re taking it to the next level.

Futura will consist of the following NFTs, to be minted on the Ethereum mainnet. The below describes the different phases of the drop and how best to participate:

Futura Mixpass

Mixpass holders retain exclusive access to mint Futura Mixes during the redemption period, avoiding gas wars. A Mixpass will be represented by a new CryptoVoxels wearable ERC 1155 token. Each Mixpass will give you access to two Futura Mix NFTs. The MixPass will also be a CryptoVoxels wearable incentivizing EB fans to buy more than one set.

#NFTs: 4040

Eligibility: EB Community + Public Whitelist Participants

How can you get it? You will receive a link on the Drop Day to buy it through MetaMask.

Futura Mix

Randomly generated music + art. The core NFT concept for Futura. Can be used as an input for a Remix. The only way to mint a Futura Mix will be to purchase a Futura Mixpass. Mixpass holders will be able to mint Futura Mixes throughout the Mixpass redemption period without needing to worry about gas wars. 8080 randomly generated Futura Mix NFTs. These NFTs will be provably unique combinations of generative music and visuals, created using a set of original musical building blocks produced by Eulerbeats. *The 8080 number was inspired by the famous 808 Drum sample. 

#NFTs: 8080

Eligibility: Mixpass Holders only

How can you get it? You will receive an email on the Drop Day to mint a Futura Mix

Futura Master

10 limited edition Futura Master NFTs, hand-crafted by the EulerBeats team will act as the official artist statement and creative introduction for Futura. The Masters will be auctioned and can be used as input for a Remix, but can never be burned.

#NFTs: 10

Eligibility: Anyone will be able to participate in the Auction

How can you get it? You will receive an email on the Drop Day to participate in the Auction

Futura Remix

The Remix is a combination of two Futura Mix NFTs. Any two Futura Mix NFTs can be combined to create a unique remix. (note: Master and Remix NFTs can also be used) Remixes will be created by holders of Mix NFTs. Via a fun and engaging website front end, holders will be able to select musical traits from the Mixes they hold to create new, unique Remix NFTs. Remixes themselves will be able to be further remixed via the same mechanism.

#NFTs: Unlimited

Eligibility: Futura Mix holders

How can you get it? You will receive an email on the Drop Day to mint a Futura Remix directly on the platform.

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What’s Next?


Futura is the concept car release for the new EulerBeats initiative: EB Artist. EB Artist is a platform where musical artists can collaborate to release custom, bespoke NFT drops composed of generative music and matching, generative visuals. To battle-prove the new process, EulerBeats will be the de facto artist for Futura, but we plan to rapidly onboard new artists to the EB Artist platform immediately after the release of Futura. We then plan to open up the platform entirely to let the whole world of creators in - Coming in Q1 2022.

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For more Futura related information, check out our FAQ page for a deeper understanding of the tokenomics, how this project works, and the Futura Roadmap.

Get to hear from the EulerBeats team this Thursday, October 28th at 1pm ET for a Twitter Spaces conversation on the Consensys Twitter where we’ll be dishing out Futura deets and answering community questions. And finally, make sure to join our Discord to engage with the team, creators, and collaborators bringing this to life. 

We’d love to have you.