To our Community,

As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver the best remote signing solutions, we are announcing a change in our product offerings.

We have decided to deprecate our EthSigner product to focus our efforts on enhancing Web3Signer, our newly comprehensive remote signing solution. This is rooted in our strategy to streamline our offerings and focus on a single, robust product that will provide functionality for both transaction and Ethereum validator signing. We hope this makes it applicable to all use-cases like public Ethereum signing, staking infrastructure offerings, and in private network contexts. 

Rest assured, we are not dropping existing EthSigner functionality. We are updating Web3Signer to incorporate the functionalities of EthSigner alongside everything else in Web3Signer. To learn more about its additional features, check out the docs. The one feature we will no longer support is GoQuorum private transactions, as Consensys is no longer supporting active development of GoQuorum. 

We will ensure a smooth transition by maintaining EthSigner with necessary patches for an additional six months. We hope this provides ample time for any necessary migration to Web3Signer. We won't start the clock on this discontinuation of EthSigner until we have ported all its essential features over to Web3Signer.

Please note that both EthSigner and Web3Signer are open-source and can be forked and maintained under Apache 2.0 license terms. You can access their respective GitHub repositories here: EthSigner and Web3Signer.

We are confident these changes will better serve your needs. We appreciate your understanding during this transition and thank you for your continued support. Reach us on our Discord if you have any questions or concerns.