May was another active month across the stack for the Ethereum community. After running the numbers, here are our three big takeaways: 1) With 430M+ monthly active users, Reddit is poised to become a major blockchain onramp with the rollout of its new Ethereum-based pilot program for a reputation system. 2) Recent security incidents in the DeFi space emphasize the need for advanced platform monitoring and security audits. 3) ETH holders are gearing up for Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0, the network's next big upgrade which is slated for this year. According to our ecosystem survey, over 65% of ETH holders plan to stake. For those on the fence, Eth2 education is paramount.

We wanted to conclude this monthly dispatch of Ethereum by the Numbers with some thought-provoking facts and figures that can hopefully guide conversations and actions during and beyond our heightened moment of global protest. The Ethereum ecosystem, by design, has always prized data transparency and reporting. It's time for all of us to take a hard look at the numbers that really matter.


  • 10M+. Blocks mined.

  • 7,451. Live mainnet nodes globally.

  • 99M+. Total unique addresses.

  • 111M+. Total ether supply.

  • 916,282. Peak daily transactions in May.

Explore our blockchain glossary for definitions of common network terms. 


  • 2,855. Total decentralized applications on Ethereum. 

  • 13k+. Bricks holders in r/FortNiteBR.

  • 31.59k. Daily active dapp users. 

  • 2,271. Daily active users of MakerDAO.

  • 79.55k. Transactions of dapp contracts over the past 24 hours.

  • 29. New Ethereum dapps launched in May.

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How to use Infura's API benchmarking tool, Versus.

  • 11k+. Total installs of Microsoft's Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum.

  • 3 days. Sync time for a fast-sync Hyperledger Besu node.

  • 4.5k+. Total installs of Diligence's Solidity Visual Auditor extension for VS code.

  • 3.4M+. Truffle Suite lifetime downloads.

  • 4,344. Number of GitHub events that the MetaMask team generated over last 30 days. 

  • $4.6M+. Gitcoin’s gross marketplace value. 

  • 45. Number of public smart contract audits performed by Diligence.


  • 90%. Liquidity index of USDC on Compound according to DeFi Score.

  • 4. The number of public audits Maker has conducted.

  • $25M. Amount stolen from reentrancy attack on April 19.

  • $2.7M+. Uniswap 24 hour volume.

  • 41k+. Total ETH locked in MakerDAO smart contracts.

  • $1B+. Total USD value locked in DeFi.

  • 181k+. Total Sai holders. 

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  • $27B. How much financial services institutions stand to save on cross-border settlement transactions by 2030 if they implement blockchain.

  • $3.1T+. The projected business value-add of blockchain by 2030.

  • €350M. The amount of real estate tokenized by asset manager Mata Capital in partnership with Consensys.

  • $500M+. Revenue lost annually in trade financing due to document management and data transfer.

  • 1.4.5. The version of Hyperledger Besu now available to download. 

Ethereum 2.0

  • 65%+. Percentage of surveyed ETH holders who plan to stake their ETH.

  • 32.8%. Percentage of respondents who plan to run their own validator nodes.

  • 524,288. How much ETH must be staked on the network for the beacon chain to launch its genesis block.

  • 1.5. The phase in which Ethereum 1.0 and Ethereum 2.0 will merge to ensure continuity.

  • 1 in a trillion. The chance of an attacker controlling 2/3 of validators in a committee.

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Food for Thought

  • $1.5B. The dollar value of equipment that the Department of Defense transferred to law enforcement agencies between 2006 and 2014.

  • 28%. Percentage of 100 largest US city police departments that require comprehensive reporting of all uses of force.

  • 95%. Percentage of large police departments that have implemented or plan to implement body-worn cameras.

  • +74. The estimated increase in uses of force per 1,000 officers, per year, since implementing police body-worn cameras.

  • 9%. How much a city's murder rate drops for every 10 additional nonprofit organizations that focus on crime and community life.

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