Overview of January

Just two days into the new year and decade, Ethereum started off with the Glacier Muir Hard Fork which delayed Ethereum's "ice age". Throughout January, decentralized finance has continued to thrive with Maker’s multi-collateral Dai surpassing the 100 million Dai threshold. Additionally, MakerDao’s Oasis platform now provides a Dai Savings Rate (DSR) of over 7% for users who save their Dai in the platform. Moving forward it will be interesting to see how users interact with Oasis and if the DSR grows in popularity. Moreover, popular no-loss gambling app Pool Together achieved it’s highest weekly payout to date of 700 Dai. On the developer side, Gitcoin conducted a widely successful pilot of quadratic voting which provided 200k in grants to two categories: Technology and Media. The fourth community funding round from Gitcoin had over 300 companies or open source projects apply for funding.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ethereum data and metrics check out our new series: Ethereum Data Series: Network Data. We’ll be posting about the types of Ethereum data as well as discussing unique metrics and how to read them.


  • 1 Hard Fork. Read about the Glacier Muir Hard Fork.

  • 2. Eth2Stats is live and now has the Sapphire and Lighthouse testnets.

  • 1. Explainer video released by SKALE.

  • 100M. Dai crosses the 100 million mark in circulating supply

  • 300k. Ethereum’s January mining supply vs. DeFi Demand


  • 3,303. Dapps that are on Ethereum.

  • 700 Dai. The weekly prize for PoolTogether.

  • 5.2k. Dapp smart contracts being utilized.

  • 1.8m+. Cryptokitties listed on OpenSea.

  • 5.91ETH. The average price of Decentraland property listed on OpenSea.

  • 5,663 IDs. Urbit ID’s available for purchase.

  • 0.04 ETH. The average price of Gods Unchained cards on OpenSea


  • 7.75%. The Dai Savings Rate on Maker’s Oasis app.

  • 13100 ETH. Daily Volume of Kyber DEX.

  • 1. Report about Decentralized Exchanges in 2019.

  • 40k+. Traders who used a decentralized exchange over the past month.

  • 8.2. Compound’s Dai ranking on Codefi Data’s DeFi Score (scored out of 10)

  • 73,590 $NMR. Numeraire that is currently staked on the Erasure-protocol

  • 6m+. Dai locked in DeFi platforms.

  • 852M+. U.S dollars locked in DeFi platforms.


  • 0x. The 0x team releases its new 0x API for DEX liquidity

  • 2.8M+. Truffle Suite lifetime downloads.

  • $3.3M+. Gitcoin’s gross marketplace value.

  • $650k. Grants awarded by the Ethereum Foundation to infrastructure projects.

  • 3. Three Eth2 Testnets are available on Github.

  • 200k. Gitcoin completed its 4th CLR and the largest quadratic funding pilot.

Food for Thought

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