From 1 million MetaMask users on the Google Chrome web store to $1 billion locked in DeFi protocols to the number of Ethereum-based platforms on Forbes’ Blockchain 50, February was another month of milestones for the Ethereum community. The ecosystem is not only driving DeFi adoption but also developing frameworks for measuring DeFi platform risk, such as

DeFi Score.

As more enterprises strive to take their blockchain proofs of concept to production, platforms like Hyperledger Besu and its recent

1.4 upgrade

are making business functionalities like permissioning and key management increasingly simple.

All the while, the dev community is doing what it does best: mobilizing in real life and online to build a composable software stack that unlocks industries as wide-ranging as gaming and capital markets. 2,000+ devs came together in Denver over Valentine’s Day weekend for the first ETHGlobal event of 2020—inspiring what already appears to be another momentous year for Web3.


  • 7,083. Live mainnet nodes globally.

  • 88M+. Total unique addresses.

  • 825,895. Smart contracts created in February.

  • 41M+. Successful smart contract calls in February.


  • 2,773. Total decentralized applications.

  • 21.73k. Daily active dapp users.

  • 73.89k. Transactions of dapp contracts over the past 24 hours.

  • 21. New Ethereum dapps launched in February.

  • 1,000. DAI prize pool for 16 players who battled at the SkyWeaver tournament.


  • 1M+. Number of MetaMask users on the Google Chrome web store.

  • 3M+. Truffle Suite lifetime downloads.

  • 6,526. Number of GitHub events that the Gnosis team generated over the last 30 days.

  • $3.5M+. Gitcoin’s gross marketplace value.

  • 2,000. Transactions per second possible on SKALE chains.

  • 1.4. The version of Hyperledger Besu now available to download.

  • 2,000+. The number of attendees at the third annual ETHDenver hackathon.

  • 20x. Infura’s request response times compared to self-hosted solutions.

  • 1M+. The number of devs the Ethereum ecosystem is striving for.


  • 9.7. Codefi Data’s DeFi Score for DAI on Oasis.

  • $2.6M. Compound 24 hour volume.

  • 3.6M+. DAI minted in February.

  • 183,714. Total Dai holders.

  • $12,542. Amount of prizes awarded through PoolTogether’s no-loss, savings game.

  • $1B+. Amount of value locked in DeFi for two weeks in February.

Use Cases

  • 2.1M. People warned by blockchain-based airstrike alert system.

  • 196,017. Hong Kong dollars tracked and allocated through the LUXARITY platform for charitable donations.

  • 99.58%. Reduction in time to issue a digital letter of credit on a blockchain-based trade finance platform.

  • $3.8T. The size of the municipal bond market that stands to benefit from blockchain-based issuance and coordination.

  • 32. Number of times Ethereum is mentioned in Forbes’ Blockchain 50.


Ethereum 2.0

  • 32 ETH. How much ETH validators will stake in Eth2.

  • 12 seconds. The length of a slot on the Beacon Chain.

  • 36 days. The withdrawable epoch that slashed validators are assigned in Eth2.

  • 1 in a trillion. The probability of an attacker controlling ⅔ of an Eth2 committee of validators.


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