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Consensys Ventures

​ announced today its investment in two Ethereum-based blockchain startups. Consensys Ventures is the Venture Capital arm of ​


​, investing in pre-seed and seed stage Ethereum blockchain projects up and down the Web 3.0 stack.
Consensys Ventures has invested $1 million in ​


, the popular France-based cryptoassets investment platform. Consensys Ventures led the $2.8 million (EUR 2.4 million) series A round with additional funding from Digital Currency Group, XAnge Siparex Innovation, BTU Protocol Ecosystem Fund, Ledger co-founders Eric Larcheveque and Thomas France, and others.
Coinhouse has become the leading platform and service for investors looking to understand, acquire, sell, and securely store cryptoassets. Coinhouse offers immediate access to a wide selection of cryptoassets and enables high liquidity for transactions that can range from tens of Euros to several million. Coinhouse intends to use this financing round to accelerate the adoption of cryptoassets by adding more cryptoassets to the online platform and launching a qualified custodian for a wide range of individual, corporate, and institutional investors.
Formerly La Maison du Bitcoin, Coinhouse was founded in 2014 in Paris and is led by CEO Nicolas Louvet, who was an early investor in Ledger.
Kavita Gupta, Managing Partner of

Consensys Ventures

stated, “​Europe is paving the way for adoption of new crypto-based financial assets through the development of blockchain technology and forward-thinking government policies. With an in-depth understanding of their customers, local banking, and government regulations, we believe regional exchange players such as Coinhouse are in a strong position to drive adoption. Nicolas and the Coinhouse team have deep-rooted experience in both traditional and crypto fintech, and a vision that is strongly supported by regional leaders in the ecosystem.”
Consensys Ventures also announced an investment in Seattle-based ​


​, an encrypted, privacy-enabled, Ethereum-enabled crypto browser, powered by a secure network and trust protocol. ​Tenta provides a secure and user-friendly interface for seamless browsing of the web of today and the blockchain-based web of tomorrow. Tenta was created as an alternative to popular advertising-powered web browsers, and prioritizes ​protecting user data and privacy by providing an uncompromising private browsing experience.
With a number of emerging crypto browsers entering the market, Tenta is uniquely positioned to succeed with its dedication to security and development of built-in privacy tools such as full data encryption, a ​VPN trust protocol powered by Ethereum​, DNS-over-TLS, anti-tracking, decentralized DNS support. Tenta boasts nearly a million downloads and is growing its user base at an exponential rate.

Tenta is Consensys’ first formal investment in a crypto-friendly browser built for Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Tenta is partnering with Consensys projects such as Metamask to enable dApp support, and this investment is a step towards strengthening ties for interoperability and deeper collaborations with key Ethereum ecosystem projects.

Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of


stated, “​Tenta and Consensys ​share the same values as we build towards a more secure internet that protects consumer data rather than exploiting user’s personal identity information and behaviors. As we continue to reimagine an internet driven by alternatives to advertising-based businesses models or advertising mechanisms that respect the user, Tenta will be a core aspect of consumers’ Web 3.0 experience.”
Consensys Ventures will continue to bolster its portfolio through its pre-seed accelerator,


​, which graduated 16 startups from its first cohort, the majority of which have gone on to receive additional VC funding. Applications for Tachyon’s second cohort are open until January 25th, and programming will kick off in April in Berlin and continue in San Francisco in May.
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More on Coinhouse

Founded in 2014, with services both available online and at a Paris-based store,


is the trusted partner for investors looking to understand, acquire, sell and securely store cryptoassets. Coinhouse has a team of 30 professionals currently serving more than 150,000 users from across Europe.

More on Tenta


is a next-generation browser designed for privacy and security. Unlike most browsers, Tenta's business model is to protect your data instead of selling it with built-in VPN and complete data encryption. Tenta enables web users to browse privately and securely from anywhere in the world, regardless of any country's restrictions and online censorship policies.

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