Consensys will begin transitioning its Quorum Blockchain Service (QBS) customers to trusted partner and industry veteran Kaleido beginning February 2023. As we sharpen our focus on core value drivers, we’re pleased to have an industry-leading partner to offer support to our QBS customers. Users of the QBS developer tier will continue to receive full support until March 15, 2023, while business and enterprise members will be able to use the QBS services as is until April 1, 2023.

Enterprise interest in Ethereum as a platform for transparently managing digital assets has never been stronger. Post-Merge, the Ethereum ecosystem is on the cusp of delivering significant scalability improvements at both Layer 1 and Layer 2, opening new opportunities for businesses to explore blockchain. Against this backdrop, new approaches will inevitably emerge to meet the constellation of needs from both web2 and web3 companies, but for many regulated customers, the value of private-permissioned networks remains strong. 

Kaleido is purpose-built to serve these use cases with a Generally Available managed offering for enterprise-grade web3 solutions that fully support Quorum networks.

  • Ledger technology - Full support for the latest version of Quorum, along with all the leading public and private blockchain protocols for enterprise.  

  • Hosting - Launch multi-region, multi-cloud Quorum networks on Azure, Amazon Web Services, or hybrid deployments.

  • Industry-leading capabilities - Consortium management, full support for digital assets, NFTs, and tokenization, plus 500+ APIs, dozens of pre-built services, and integrated tools and dashboards.

  • Enterprise-grade, compliant and highly performant - SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27K certifications, modern cloud scale architecture, HA/DR, and advanced key management—all backed by 24/7 support plans and SLAs.

We are partnering with Kaleido to ensure that migration of existing applications is seamless and have been in touch with customers interested in making the transition with us. We have also prepared a set of FAQs and a reference guide with additional information on how to evaluate options for migrating to a partner solution, which can help you better understand each path. The migration guide can be found here.

For more information on Kaleido you can reach out to the Kaleido team at [email protected].