Consensys launched Codefi Staking in December 2020 as a Ethereum staking-as-a-service platform for exchanges, custodians, funds, wallets and other institutions. Codefi Staking helps eliminate the technical and operational risks of staking ETH, and helps institutions to maximize rewards.

Today Codefi Staking runs over 8,000 Ethereum validator nodes. It boasts a 99.95% up-time track record with zero slashing, institutional-grade infrastructure, real-time custom reporting, and rebates to guarantee against up-time and slashing penalties.

Codefi Staking will distribute MESH’s validators across its multi-region, multi-cloud, and multi-client platform. In working with Codefi Staking, MESH will retain custody and control of its ETH, and be able to offset any slashing or inactivity rebates against future staking fees.

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