Consensys is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and its potential effects on our employees, partners, and customers. This challenge is unprecedented, and has a global social and economic impact, including on Consensys and our communities. Given our company’s international presence, we see firsthand accounts of both adversity and resilience. As a remote-first company since the beginning, Consensys is prepared to weather this disruption and maintain business continuity. 

While the situation is rapidly changing, we remain committed to the success of our clients, products, and services.

Access to our developer tools and core Ethereum infrastructure remain uninterrupted. Consensys has taken early action to transition to 100% remote work, and we continue to review the situation on a daily basis to deliver consistent and reliable levels of support. 

Global healthcare, financial, and economic infrastructure is being tested. Our mission to bring Ethereum technology to support and improve such infrastructure continues to be critical, and increasingly relevant as rapid digital technologies for payment, information exchange, and lending markets are needed to respond to the crisis. To that end, we are sharing educational resources describing how blockchain solutions are being used to transform the ways people and businesses transact, collaborate, and exchange goods and services. During this collective time when conferences are canceled and meetings are virtual, commute times are nonexistent, and we find ourselves grounded in every sense of the word, we want to provide resources that help people learn and build for the future.  

Launching Consensys Education Resources for Developers and Enterprises

Today, we are excited to unveil our Enterprise and Developer Libraries, resources for both institutions and software engineers to keep up with blockchain industry developments and discover new solutions. Both include access to free,

on-demand webinars

and a planned calendar of upcoming virtual content. The

Enterprise Toolkit

provides introductory guides to Enterprise Ethereum, with in-depth case studies on our most successful implementations of the Consensys technology stack. We are expanding the Consensys Developer Portal to include a new

Developer Library

with documentation on Ethereum fundamentals, network upgrades, and how-tos on Consensys developer tools like Infura and MetaMask. 

In addition to the new libraries, Consensys Academy has released the first five modules of our

Blockchain Developer Program

(for free) to

those looking to deepen their technical skillset in blockchain engineering. Access to these modules will be provided once participants complete the

Blockchain Hackathon Preparation for Developers


Blockchain Beyond the Hype: Real Use Cases

webinars. We are also providing 30% off all blockchain courses and certifications. 

Funding for Building Solutions to COVID-19

The challenges of providing access to healthcare and public goods are now in the spotlight. The healthcare experts at

Consensys Health

are partnering with Gitcoin to launch the

Stop COVID-19 Hackathon

. This hackathon will bring together developers and healthcare experts to build blockchain solutions to help collect, standardize, verify, and optimize data to aid scientists as they seek to better understand COVID-19.


launched its fifth round of

Gitcoin Grants

, offering a new pool of $100k to match funds for public health-related projects aimed at helping those impacted by the Coronavirus. Users can donate ETH or DAI to any project building a public good or service. Each donation is matched from a pool of funds using

Quadratic Matching


Connecting with Consensys and Ethereum Communities 

The Ethereal Summit will go digital with the

Ethereal Virtual Summit

on May 7-8. Our team has designed virtual programming to ensure an engaging experience and timely content, including nearly all of the previously confirmed 100+ speakers in familiar formats such as keynotes, fireside chats, and panels, but with additional engagement through virtual roundtable discussions and VR meetups. The Summit will be open to all for no cost, and we will provide further details on how to register shortly.

Now is a very difficult time. The world must take on the challenges of the pandemic and its impact on the global economy. Consensys remains committed to unlocking the potential of programmable blockchains by driving Ethereum adoption by developers and institutions. To learn more about these initiatives, please reach out to

[email protected]