What is Convergence?


is the first-organized worldwide blockchain congress. Convergence brings 1500 prominent individuals from the global community together for an in-depth exploration of concurrent trends in blockchain technology, regulation, and research. With participation from the worldwide blockchain industry, regulators, policymakers, C-Suite influencers and members of the social impact community, Convergence is set to establish itself as the point of reference for the discussion of blockchain/DLT-based applications for many years to come.


At Convergence, attendees have the opportunity to:

  • Speak directly with regulators and policymakers.

  • Become involved in set blockchain priorities for the coming year.

  • Discuss the blockchain “big picture” from governmental, sociopolitical, and technological angles

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The following topics are at the top of mind for European governments and governments around the world:


It is now possible to build new identity frameworks based on the concept of decentralized identities – potentially including an interesting subset of decentralized identity known as self-sovereign identity (SSI). What should policy-makers do to foster the decentralized identity landscape in Europe?

Disrupting Data Monopolies

Will DLT strengthening the position of intermediaries and centralized networks or provide a decentralized, fairer option for today’s society? Multinational corporations like Google, Amazon, and Alibaba are pouring billions into investing relevant use cases. Are they working against their own interests, creating new business models, or co-opting the decentralized future? Should regulators be alarmed, or cooperative?

The Legal and Regulatory Framework of Blockchain Technology

All significant new technologies will intersect at some point with the existing legal and regulatory framework. Many current blockchain use cases exist today in legal and regulatory limbo. There is a strong need for legal and regulatory clarity around blockchain technology.

And much more

Conference Details:


1,500 participants including Politicians, Regulators, Central Bankers, Technologists,

Entrepreneurs, C-Suite Executives, Blockchain Thought Leaders, Academics and Activists From across Europe and North America


11-13 November 2019


Trade Fair and Congress Center in Málaga, Spain

How to get a ticket:

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Talks to Keep on Your Radar:

Tuesday, 12 November 2019
Simona Pop, Co-Founder, and CMO of Bounties Network Blockchain for a Sustainable Society and New Business Models | AUDITORIUM 1 | 14:15 h.-15:00 h.

Simona Pop is a creative strategist and community builder, working on redesigning the way individuals and communities work as the co-founder of startup Bounties Network. The Bounties Network is both a protocol and a product, live on the Ethereum blockchain mainnet, powering bounties paying in any token on Ethereum across verticals. As a result, the project leverages blockchain technology to build a sustainable society and new business models every day. Simona will share her learnings from Bounties Network's latest initiative, Bounties for the Oceans:

Bounty for Basura

, demonstrating how DLT can have a meaningful social impact across geographies.

Vanessa Grellet, Executive Director @ Consensys The Future of Sustainability: Techniques for Measuring Social Impact | Auditorium 1 | 15:00 h.-15:30 h.

Vanessa leads financial services, luxury goods, retail, arts, and social impact initiatives at Consensys. She is President of the blockchain social impact coalition (BSIC) and sits on the Board of the Accounting Blockchain Coalition. Vanessa has extensive experience as a finance and technology executive with a demonstrated successful history of working in the capital markets industry.

Steven Haft, Head of Global Partnership Blockchain Unleashed for Climate Action | Panel Discussion | Auditorium 2 |15:45 h.- 16:30 h.

Focus: The climate crisis raises disruptive issues that require, as part of the response, the use of disruptive technologies such as Blockchain. The objective of this session is to raise awareness on the availability of options to leverage the Blockchain technologies to support climate actions. The panel will bring together policymakers, finance experts and practioners who have first-hand experience in harnessing blockchain technologies to support climate action programs. They will discuss use cases of Blockchain technology in climate action and climate policy making and where available share experiences on its implementation.

Pelle Brængaart, CTO at uPort INATBA WG Identity Round Table | Large Room 1 | 15:45 h. - 16:30 h.

As CTO of uPort, a self-sovereign identity, and data platform, Pelle

is well-versed in Ethereum and Blockchain related projects with a focus on identity and the developing world. Pelle will deep-dive into the regulatory questions that arise when using

decentralized identity

for both users and entities.

uPort will launch its new Serto platform at Convergence.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019
Ken Timsit, Managing Director at Consensys ParisPerspectives on Blockchain from the European Data Protection Board | Auditorium 1 | 14:30 h.-15:00 h.

Ken Timsit is a Managing Director at Consensys, focusing on France and continental Europe. As part of his role, Ken leads high-level relationships with large corporations and governments, executes application development and consulting projects, and identifies opportunities for new products and ventures externally and internally. He is a management committee member of the "EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum," an initiative launched by the European Commission.

Ludovic Courcelas, Government Strategy Lead @ Consensys ParisEU Blockchain Observatory and Forum Workshop on Skills | Conference Room 2.2 | 11:15 h.-12:45 h.

Ludovic is Government Strategy Lead at Consensys. He currently manages the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, a project launched by the European Commission. Ludovic started his career as a Marketing evangelist for the developer audience at Microsoft, then moved to the Digital and Innovation Lab at BNP Paribas securities services. Within Consensys, he is a point of reference in identity, standardization, and gaming as a board member of the Blockchain Game Alliance.

We look forward to seeing you at Convergence! The team will be delighted to meet all visitors at our booth.


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