announced today the 21 investments the firm has completed in 2019, marking four months of heightened investment activity. Amidst the retreat of many crypto funds, Consensys is strengthening its strategic commitment to entrepreneurs solving critical infrastructure and scalability needs on the Ethereum blockchain, along with investments in other high-value, long-term market opportunities.
“Our active investment in the ecosystem continues at pace,'' said Joseph Lubin,


founder and CEO. “We believe that supporting the leading founders across the ecosystem will accelerate growth and adoption of the technology, by addressing challenges in scalability, confidentiality, and liquidity, amongst other areas. While Consensys is focused on building and providing the tools, products, and platforms to enable the decentralized ecosystem, we are equally interested in supporting and co-creating potential breakthroughs and key capabilities with the leaders of tomorrow through equity investments.”
Since the start of 2019, Consensys has bolstered its portfolio with the following investments:

  • Apex:E3 , data analytics platform for retail and institutional investors

  • Truffle Blockchain Group , suite of developer tools, testing frameworks, and environments

  • ErisX , platform providing access to digital asset spot and futures markets, backed by the world’s leading financial institutions

  • Adhara , liquidity management and international payments for decentralized financial networks

  • , storing and sharing management for personal health data

  • Blok-Z , peer-to-peer energy trading platform

  • IBISA , risk-sharing service for small farmers using satellite assets

  • Glimpse , consumer identity protocol for data ownership

  • , architecture for enabling secure and reliable AI and ML data

  • LawCoin , crowdfunding platform for litigation finance investment

  • Cypherock , storage solutions for digital assets and key management

  • , platform to distribute loyalty points or tokens

  • Sooho , automated smart contract auditing during development

  • LinkDrop , protocol for including digital assets in URL links

  • PDAX , digital asset investment platform for the Philippines and emerging markets

  • Ligero , protocol for secure multi-party computation and zero-knowledge proofs

  • Tenta , next-generation browser designed for privacy and security

  • Coinhouse , France-based asset platform for individual, corporate and institutional investors

  • Helena , prediction markets platform

  • Memewars , gaming dapp for earning crypto and digital collectibles

  • Paytrie , solution for accessing stablecoins

With the successful launch and graduation of numerous Consensys-incubated companies, Consensys is integrating Consensys Ventures, its Tachyon accelerator, and the Consensys Labs incubator under one investment arm. “To continue to scale our investment activities, we need to consolidate systems and operations to improve our efficiency and portfolio management, while providing the best possible experience for founders in every phase of the company building lifecycle,'' said Lubin. “As the market matures and grows, we are redesigning our investment activities to reflect our learnings and established best practices.”
“The quality of entrepreneurs we are seeing entering the space is continually increasing,'' said Ron Garrett, managing partner of

Consensys Labs

. “We are at an incredibly exciting inflection point in our ecosystem; we are seeing many successful founders from the Web 2.0 era turning to Ethereum and choosing to partner with Consensys as they look to build their next ventures. Consensys is committed to pushing the limits of what venture capital means in an industry redefining decades-old investment norms.”
The current cohort of the Tachyon accelerator launched April 1st in Berlin and will culminate with a demo day on May 22nd in San Francisco.

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