NEW YORK, June 22, 2022Consensys today announced that Infura, the leading blockchain development platform with more than 430,000 developers worldwide, launched the beta release of its NFT API at NFT.NYC, the world’s largest NFT conference.

With the beta version of its NFT API, Infura users are able to easily build and verify digital assets as well as create metadata templates, enabling them to customize and mint NFTs within minutes. In addition to Software Development Kits (SDKs) and interactive tutorials, the NFT API also offers a range of developer resources including: NFT Read APIs for NFT metadata and to verify ownership for social media, gaming or the metaverse; NFT Mint SDKs for writing and minting, and selects templates for common NFTs; and Lootbox Interactive Tutorial which contains samples, tutorials and starter projects for developers to build applications and enhance familiarity with NFTs with codes and assets. Consensys Diligence audited all SDK smart contracts to eliminate any code vulnerabilities. Developers can now sign up for the beta release on Infura’s website.

“The NFT API is the perfect onramp for Web 2 and Web 3 developers looking for an end-to-end solution that’s scalable and high-performing,” said Nayana Singh, General Manager of Product at Consensys.  “The NFT market is seeing a huge inflow of market demand, even among mainstream developers. We offer a range of tools and information to help bring NFT development to the next level. Our long-term vision is to give developers a comprehensive development platform where they can access and aggregate cross-chain NFT (starting with Ethereum) and mint NFT collections to multiple networks with one integrated product.”  

Infura is part of the most comprehensive tech stack in Web3. With the introduction of the NFT API, developers will have access to NFT tools in the Consensys stack which include seamless integration with MetaMask, Truffle IDE, Diligence smart contract auditing tools, and the Consensys NFT platform. As part of the experience, developers can expect faster iterations, access to NFT metadata and stability. 

Join the waitlist for Infura’s NFT API beta release here, and visit the Infura team to learn more about the API and SDKs at NFT.NYC. 

About Consensys 

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