NEW YORK, November 17, 2020



has acquired the team and technology of


. Among the most widely used blockchain developer tools, the Truffle Suite is a development environment, testing framework, and asset pipeline all rolled into one. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

With Truffle, users can access built-in smart contract compilation, linking, deployment, and binary management. With more than 8.5 million downloads and a vibrant developer community, Truffle has long been an ecosystem favorite for new and experienced developers seeking the tools to expedite the smart contract and front end app development process. Truffle accelerated the growth of the open source Ethereum ecosystem as one of the first projects incubated by



and has since grown a dedicated following of developers. With the successful integration of Truffle with

Consensys Quorum



, and other protocols, Truffle is setting its sights on global enterprise adoption of blockchain.

Relied upon by more than 1.3 million developers worldwide, the Truffle Suite is committed to making Solidity development elegant, productive, and safe. Free

Truffle Boxes

contain helpful modules, Solidity contracts and libraries, front-end views, and even complete example dApps to make it easier for new developers.

Truffle Teams

enables engineering teams of all sizes to collaborate on shared work in testing environments to make sure an application works before incurring the cost to deploy on mainnet Ethereum.

The addition of Truffle to the Consensys developer product stack provides enterprise customers a wider array of services to deploy their applications with confidence. The team will continue to build Truffle with the support of the industry-leading business development, engineering, and marketing teams at Consensys. Truffle technology will also be leveraged by




, and


. The blockchain engineers and development experts behind Truffle will continue to elevate the experience of blockchain developers and provide them with high-quality, enterprise-grade development tools.

“The Truffle Suite is essential for developers to get started on Ethereum and Web3, and is invaluable for increasing adoption of Mainnet applications and enterprise blockchain solutions alike. Truffle will often be top-of-the funnel for all our products and services since nearly all developers begin their smart contract development journey with the Truffle Suite. We are excited about further integrations with Consensys’ suite of developer tooling and applications,” said Joseph Lubin, Founder of



Launched in 2015, Truffle is a development suite designed to manage blockchain developers’ entire workflow from smart contract development to front-end application, offering the most popular development framework for building on the Ethereum blockchain ​based on Github stars. 

The Truffle Suite is comprised of the following elements to facilitate the smooth and seamless development of dApps: 

  • Truffle Teams - Streamlines a team’s workflow, providing a shared compilation and testing environment for continuous integration, and allows a team to monitor deployed smart contracts’ transaction, state, and events. It also enables visual presentation of useful data and configurable notifications of errors for critical insight.

  • Truffle – The actual development environment that integrates compilation, testing, and deployment of smart contracts.

  • Ganache – A locally deployed blockchain simulator, Ganache features a graphical user interface that can simulate blockchain networks and enable live-testing of smart contracts without requiring the set up of real test networks or using a remote network.   

  • Drizzle – An assortment of front-end libraries that offer useful components for developing web applications that can seamlessly connect with smart contracts.

“As the most popular Ethereum development framework, it is a natural fit for Truffle to be part of the Consensys product stack. We look forward to delivering enterprise grade solutions that enable developers to build and deploy blockchain systems using Ethereum and across multiple blockchains,” said Tim Coulter, Founder of



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