New York, NY, June 22, 2022 Consensys, a market-leading blockchain technology company, is delighted to announce the launch of two highly anticipated product features at NFT.NYC 2022, which will streamline Non-Fungible Token (NFT) experiences for developers, crypto funds, market-makers, DAOs, artists and NFTs enthusiasts. The Web3 leader will launch its Beta version of the Infura NFT API and the MetaMask Institutional NFT feature.

The Infura NFT API is an end-to-end solution that makes it easier for developers to build, create, mint, sell NFTs and provide the building blocks that any NFT project would need for an accelerated path to value. To address the increasing demand from organizations to have an holistic breakdown of NFTs held across all accounts and marketplaces MetaMask Institutional (MMI)—a version of MetaMask that integrates institution-required custody, operational efficiency, risk, and compliance features—has launched NFT capabilities within their DeFi and Web3-focused Portfolio Dashboard  for organizations.

Consensys pioneering NFT integration since day one

Consensys’ products have powered the NFT experience since the very beginning. These disruptive and unique tokens are a paradigm shift for the creator economy, enabling fairer economic terms and artist-owned digital communities. They have gained an immense amount of traction and will potentially grow even more rapidly as major brands and companies adopt them. In 2021, Web3 paid out $174,000 per creator, while Meta paid out $0.10 per user, Spotify paid out $636 per artist, and YouTube paid out $2.47 per channel. An artist can own the relationship with their fans in perpetuity. 

As the primary way 30 million Monthly Active Users access NFTs worldwide, leading self-custodial wallet MetaMask was one of the first self-custodial wallets in the world to make it possible to connect to a site to buy or create an NFT. Infura first became battle-hardened by supporting the first surge in transactions on Ethereum with the CryptoKitty craze. Now, $1 trillion in annualized on-chain ETH transaction volume is supported through its Ethereum API. Consensys product suite supports the artists and creators that animate the Web3 space — from developers to consumer to celebrity music talent to up-and-coming digital artists.

Infura NFT API

NFTs are a type of digital asset powered by a smart contract most commonly on Ethereum as either the ERC-721 or ERC-1155, however, NFTs have been gaining notable adoption on networks such as Polygon, Palm and NEAR. To answer the increasing demand around the standard, Infura announces the launch of a Beta version of NFT API that seamlessly integrates with MetaMask, Truffle IDE, our Diligence smart contract auditing tools, and Consensys NFT marketplace tools. Infura’s new NFT API along with SDKs and developer tutorials make it easier for developers to easily customize and create NFTs as well as pull essential data to service end users. It provides developers with tooling specifically targeted at reading information from NFT contracts and writing to or creating all new NFT contracts. This gives developers a streamlined experience for faster iterations, access to NFT metadata, and stability. 

The Infura NFT API is a part of an integrated NFT experience already offered by Infura. This includes Infura Transactions (ITX) for managed NFT transactions and optimized gas operations and access to InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) for caching and cataloging referenced assets.

MetaMask Institutional, addressing the surge of organizations’ interest in NFTs

MMI also announces the launch of the NFT feature within its portfolio dashboard, providing detailed asset views across a range of metrics. It provides a holistic breakdown of NFTs held across all custodians, accounts, and marketplaces. With this new feature, MMI users gain access to the complete data suite of digital assets—consisting of individual tokens, DeFi pool balances, and NFTs across all EVM chains. 

The MMI Portfolio Dashboard is a special privileged decentralized application (dapp) that connects all an organization’s wallets (non-custodial, hardware and custodial) into one consolidated portfolio view. Corporations, gaming guilds, DAOs, and funds alike have been increasingly expressing interest in institutional NFT tracking capabilities in their portfolio.

MetaMask, supporting the artists and creators that animate the Web3 space

MetaMask is sponsoring 7 community events at NFT.NYC 2022 to support diverse creators with Web3 education and celebrate the creativity of art communities around New York City.These events include: UTA: The Digital Diaspora, Umba Daima + Black NFT ART, New Friendship tech, Felt Zine, Mirrors wellness club, Zoratopia or moveMINT.

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About Consensys

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