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All systems go!

To mark our three year anniversary, we recently introduced the AirSwap Improvement Proposal (AIP) system for decentralized governance with the goal to empower the community to innovate, discuss, and decide on what comes next for the AirSwap network.

Among 11 AIPs published so far, 5 have been called to vote, 2 are voting now, and 2 are under development. Over 8.45M AST were used to vote on AIP 7 and we encourage you to join in by using your AST to vote on active proposals on the voting page.

Key launch proposals

With the new AIP governance process underway and new tokenomics, principles, website, and treasury on the horizon, the AirSwap network and community is poised for growth. The following four proposals are being packaged for release in January 2021 to mark the Phase II launch.

AST+ Governance Token (AIP 7)

AIP 7 proposes to compensate individuals for demonstrated governance activity. Token holders stake AST to AST+ at a 1:1 rate to vote on AIPs. After voting, participants are able to claim from a pool of collected protocol fees proportional to the weight of their vote.

MetaMask Swaps currently charges 0.875% on AirSwap trades, which will be split between MetaMask and AST+. This proposal passed its vote and is now in active development.

AirSwap Principles (AIP 8)

AIP 8 proposes 5 shared principles to guide community and developer decision-making as a decentralized organization: to design for simplicity, prioritize security, decide with data, seek opportunities, and to win together. Voting for this proposal is underway now.

AirSwap Website (AIP 9)

AIP 9 proposes a website and social media visual refresh based on the most popular AirSwap logo introduced at the completion of the initial roadmap in May 2018. You’ll recognize this logo from the AirSwap t-shirts and hoodies. Voting for this proposal is underway now.

AirSwap Treasury Plan (AIP 10)

AIP 10 proposes to unlock a portion of the AirSwap treasury for development, growth, and marketing. Going forward, periodically unlocking tokens for key project activities ensures project sustainability and success. This proposal will be called to vote later this week.

Coming in January

All four proposals arrive in January 2021.

We welcome you to join the conversation and help the AirSwap community prepare for launch. This includes making new proposals, participating in discussions, and finding creative ways to improve network and community performance.

Let’s move forward together. The success of AirSwap is in our hands.


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