Consensys is a proud member of the Hyperledger Foundation, an open source community focused on developing frameworks, tools, and libraries for enterprise-grade blockchain deployments. 

Together in Q4 of last year we created a first-of-its-kind, three-part webinar series to educate enterprises on how they can create value on Ethereum mainnet and take advantage of open source tools like Hyperledger Besu. The series, entitled “An hour with Consensys: Hyperledger & Ethereum: Who put the peanut in my jelly?”, featured founders and executives from across the Consensys product lineup: Infura, Codefi, NFT Experiences, and more. 

Here are the key insights from each webinar to get started building. 

Session 1: Paving the way for enterprises to take advantage of mainnet

Key Insights: 

  1. Building on public infrastructure is possible. Ethereum public networks host enterprise infrastructure and applications often with lower total cost of ownership than traditional infrastructure. 

  2. Single issuer assets, oracles, cross-chain smart contract calls, and cross-chain payments experienced key growth and adoption in 2021.

  3. Reimagine your tech stack. Public infrastructure lowers total cost of ownership by removing maintenance, governance, monitoring, as well as building liquidity and access for decentralized apps.

  4. The public tech stack has evolved. Services like Infura and Ethereum client’s like Besu are flexible and can work across network types, public, private, and hybrid.

​​Session 2: Deep dive into the unprecedented DeFi growth

Key insights:

  1. Smart contract composability is creating new financial opportunities and constructs. Open protocols bring access to liquidity, yield, and new opportunities for enterprises to reach users.

  2. DAOs are becoming the new mechanism for fund and  treasury management. Public infrastructure brings transparent financial infrastructure for communities with novel ideas.

  3. Institution-complaint custody solutions are possible with MetaMask Institutional.

Session 3: NFTs, A New Milestone to be achieved for blockchain adoption?

Key insights:

  1. NFTs are enabling a new era of collectability and ownership, and enable new experiences for enterprises to engage with fans, patrons, and communities.

  2. Layer 1 solutions like Hyperledger Besu for NFTs will lower carbon emissions.

  3. NFT experiences must be meaningful to be effective, but as immutable tokens, NFT engagement can be long-lasting for users.

Keep learning

Consensys and Hyperledger Besu want to make building on Ethereum as accessible as possible for any enterprises and will continue to collaborate on more series. There is a lot more to learn!
Check out the next webinar on February 9th about the upcoming Merge and what it means for developer infrastructure. We also have an upcoming community call for Besu! Stay informed about Besu on Twitter at @hyperlederbesu and connect with us on Discord.