Consensys is hyperfocused on making Ethereum useful and accessible. We wanted to put that mindset to the test as an internal hackathon to see what open source projects could be built using Consensys products. To be honest, we really thought this would be a fun exercise to see what was possible—but didn’t expect anything ready for go-to-market. A surprise to everyone, we had a handful of incredible teams that could be viable businesses and tools in web3 today. To let you in on a bit of the action and showcase what was built—check this out! 

1. Web3 Toolkit

The Web3 Toolkit team built a set of reusable/configurable components that can be used to integrate MetaMask as an authentication, subscription, and comment solution for any site. Their inspiration was driven by their belief that many Web3-curious websites could benefit from easier integration with MetaMask, enabling millions of MetaMask users to login and subscribe using crypto for some aspect of the user experience. Beyond this, it was also a key motive that they could help preserve the integrity of user data and digital identity. 

Consensys products: MetaMask, Infura


2. Smart Contract Inspector

Team Smart Contract Inspector set out to solve the problem that block explorers do not provide access to all state variables. Currently, they can only query what is available via eth_calls (public interfaces, public statevars). Their library and proof of concept web interface is the feature these explorers are missing— getting access to all state variables (public, private, internal). This team solves that by resolving the variable to storage slot mapping using solc and manually decoding the low-level slot data to the variable types. The web interface provides easy access to this information.

What’s packed up here? This solution consists of a general-purpose nodeJS decoder library that integrates with Infura to retrieve storage slot data via web3js and dynamically compiles contracts via solcjs. Slot data is recursively decoded according to the variable type without ever calling the contract. This decoder library is showcased using an easy to use web interface that takes ganache/truffle projects or a solidity source code as inputs (+ contract address). The web UI killer feature is the etherscan integration where you can enter an address, fetch the contract name and source code directly from etherscan. It’s slick! 

The library can easily be integrated into other solutions, block explorers, IDE's to show live contract variable data on hover, build sophisticated smart contract monitoring tools, perform in-depth verification of deployed contracts (e.g. check private vars too), get detailed internal state information for incident response/forensics purposes. Want to continue their work? Come build on top of their commits! 

Consensys products: Infura, Truffle Suite


3. MetaMask Link

Web3 is here to stay—but we’re all waiting to see how Web3 can interact with the physical world? MetaMask Link aims to create deep links for MetaMask confirmations, which includes adding custom networks, tokens, payment requests, and more! Imagine scanning a QR code anywhere in the world with some sort of web3 function or variable queued up. 

Consensys products: MetaMask, Infura


4. Metamask SSO

Metamask SSO is building an enterprise idP provider with Metamask logins. Utilizing Metamask and Infura, they are revolutionizing the identity provider industry by introducing a new paradigm of credential and account based security.

Consensys products: MetaMask, Infura

5. Tx Insight

Tx Insight allows displaying enhanced transaction data in the MetaMask transaction confirmation and history views. With this tool, you’re able to display enhanced transaction data in the MetaMask transaction confirmation and history views.

Consensys products: MetaMask, Truffle Suite, Infura

6. Consensys Rewards

For users, Consensys Rewards is your one-stop-shop for discovering the latest safe, high-quality decentralized application, and being rewarded for using them. With a high-quality user interface, integrations with Metamask Mobile and Extension, and partnerships with the latest dapps, you’ll always find a new dapp to use and new tokens to earn.

For networks, Consensys Rewards is the easiest way to reach new users and scale your network. With Consensys’ unparalleled reputation and reach of distribution through Codefi and MetaMask, find millions of new users to kickstart your network today. Consensys Rewards is secure, Sybil-resistant, and comes with a leading administrative dashboard, to help ensure you’re earning a positive ROI on every dollar you spend.

Consensys products: MetaMask, Infura 


7. Nice Bot

NiceBot is a Slack bot to share our life outside of work without the fear of becoming “the product,” with your data used and sold to evil advertising companies. Their aim is to make sharing and commenting on our weekends with colleagues without fear and loss of time because of a bad UI/UX.

Get more people to share and enjoy learning about each other.

Technical stack: Slack, Slack App, Node.js, Slack Bolt, Slack UI Builder, Serverless and ngrok, and ultimately AWS Lambdas.

8. Identity Hack

Identity Hack aims to link an Ethereum address with a Twitter and/or Github account through signature/post verification. It integrates Serto Agent and Metamask Snaps API. The web2/3 connection flow is common in many dapps, such as On top of adding a layer of sybil protection, it also allows for more complex rewards and airdrop systems. By hosting these connections as verifiable credentials that only the original signer/address can publically share, we allow the user to manage the privacy of their data and also save developers from having to rebuild the same flow over and over again.

Consensys products: MetaMask, Infura


9. Crypto Trust

Crypto Trust is building a product to secure your cryptocurrency wealth for generations. The set of modules help with the setup, amendment, and execution of your crypto estate planning. 

This team used the hackathon week to better understand the pain points and components around estate planning for digital assets through a survey, user interviews, and a solution scope for an MVP build. Beyond market research of existing solutions, the goal was to help Web3 companies like Consensys consider piloting a digital asset estate planning program to employees. We believe other Web3 companies will be a compelling market for adopting these services and playing a role as a trusted multisig or partial executor of the will/trust. 

10. Sneak-Peek (Winner!)

Social Networks have lately been bombarded by influencer's advice on which crypto to purchase next. On Twitter, singers and celebrities have jumped the wagon to address their views on the market, but their motivation lacks transparency to say the least. It is said that many are sponsored behind the scenes by centralized exchanges to increase the trade volume and are not honest about their crypto holdings. 

The Sneak Peek platform intends to address this issue by leveraging several Consensys products. Using an Infura archive node, Consensys Zero Knowledge Proofs (Gnark), the zk-snark library, and MetaMask—Sneak-peek will onboard trader-influencers and verify their ethereum wallet. The users will then be able to access the platform, select a trader-influencer and pay to generate a zk-proof to verify that this trader-influencer has been holding the token he/she/they have been advertising on social media before following his/her/their advice.

The team’s goal is to have a simple flow for users to pay to generate a zk-proof of the trader-influencer holding a particular token. Then, enable the transaction to submit to a backend composed of an API and a circuit to create a proof, as well as a frontend to demonstrate a platform view for viewers and wallet holders.

Consensys products:  Consensys Zero Knowledge Proofs (Gnark), MetaMask, Infura