Smart contract security service for Ethereum

MythX™ by Consensys Software Inc™ is the premier security analysis service for Ethereum smart contracts. Our mission is to ensure development teams avoid costly errors and make Ethereum a more secure and trustworthy platform.


Integrated with developer tools

pip3 install mythx-cli mythx analyze
1:0 warning A floating pragma is set SWC-103
16:29 warning The binary multiplication can overflow SWC-101
18:8 warning The binary addition can overflow SWC-101
22:4 error The contract can be killed by anyone SWC-106
✖ 4 problems (1 error, 3 warnings)

What our Customers Say

From the beginning the Consensys Diligence team made a great effort to contribute to the security of the Aave Protocol, providing knowledge that helped us grow our awareness and security-focused culture. Their technology will be extremely helpful to move Aave forward. Their MythX technology was used in this project to verify the correctness of the Aave smart contract system

- Emilio Frangella Fullstack Blockchain Developer at Aave

Working with the MythX team solidified our perspective on the effectiveness of fuzz testing, and strengthened the trust in the audit report Consensys Diligence led on our v3.0 release.

- 0x team

See our current coverage

The SWC Registry is a community catalog of known smart contract vulnerabilities with detailed descriptions, code samples, and remediations. MythX uses the SWC Registry as its database when scanning smart contracts for security issues.

Stay protected as the smart contract security landscape evolves

With MythX, you get increased scalability and performance, continual improvements to our security analysis engines, and higher vulnerability detection than locally-run security tools.

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