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Unleashing Napalm

Attention, all auditors and security researchers! We’ve got a new tool for you! You’re a security researcher and you hate repetitive work. So what do you do? You’ve compiled a nice collection of analysis rules and detection modules that automatically do all the repetitive work for you. Life is great, until, …. You’ve got 100+ modules, some for slither, others for semgrep and things are getting out of hand! You have to spend time writing scripts to run the right modules at the right time, and it’s impossible to even keep track of what you can automatically detect.
Joran Honig
January 31, 2024

EthTrust - The Frontier of Smart Contract Security Standards

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) shapes the most mature standard for smart contract security. Consensys Diligence contributes to the EthTrust Security Levels Specification, spearheaded by the EEA EthTrust Security Levels Working Group.
ConsenSys Diligence
December 18, 2023

Paradigm CTF Winner

ConsenSys Diligence team, a.k.a Dilicious, won the first place at Paradigm Capture the Flag competition. Paradigm CTF was one of the most anticipated security competitions in the Ethereum space.
Shayan Eskandari
February 28, 2021

New Offering: 1-Day Security Reviews

Over the past few months, we have been conducting short “security reviews”, typically one or two days in duration. In some ways, these are similar to audits, but in other ways they’re quite different. In this post, I’ll share what these engagements are like and why you might want to hire us for one.
Steve Marx
March 31, 2020

Interview with samczsun

If you keep up with Ethereum security-related postings, you’ve no doubt heard of samczsun: security researcher and white hat extraordinaire. In this interview, we discuss his process as well as a few of his well-known findings.
Alexander Wade
January 30, 2020