EthTrust - The Frontier of Smart Contract Security Standards

Consensys Diligence is very pleased with the new update to the EEA’s EthTrust Security Levels specification. Our Diligence experts, who have contributed to the new version, helped ensure it is up-to-date and comprehensive, continuing to support the need for an industry-wide standard.

George Kobakhidze (X @sick_nerdballer) notes the new version simplifies ensuring comprehensive security reviews while accommodating the creation of individual threat models and evaluating various potential attacks on Smart Contracts. Contributing our expertise to this ‘Public Good’ is straightforward, as the benefits to each contributor significantly outweigh the costs, thereby strengthening the entire ecosystem.

“Like our top competitors, we’re integrating this work into our internal procedures to maintain industry-leading service. We anticipate wider adoption of the EthTrust framework, as customers realize its quality levels are crucial for trust, enhancing their own clients’ security and peace of mind.”

Stay updated on EthTrust developments by joining the EEA, participating, or subscribing to their monthly newsletter. Explore the EthTrust Spec v2 and request an audit for your project.

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