Codefi Workflow

Blockchain-Anchored Business Process Automation

Connect data and run business operations digitally across multiple organizations.


All about automation and optimization

Large corporations and financial institutions face numerous challenges while coordinating projects with their affiliates. Traditional systems require frequent data reconciliation and are costly to maintain, often resulting in human error, manipulation, and potential for fraud. This is where Codefi Workflow comes in.

Modern network

Connect multiple systems across several institutions to create a unified business process lifecycle.

Digitally-native operations

Optimize workflows and protect against data breaks and manipulation with secure process automation, verifiable proofs of execution, and streamlined information sharing.

Product Benefits

Privacy by design

Define permission settings

Give users, organizations, and ecosystem participants unique permissions. Share data on a need-to-know basis.

Track asset ownership

Leverage cryptographically secure real-time transaction audit trails.

Definitive and consistent data

Enhance data integrity

Remove data silos, avoid double entry, and eliminate manual reconciliation.

Guaranteed consistency of records

Align data across business processes and ecosystem participants.

Full-stack blockchain integration

Complete product offerings and support

Integrate our software across your tech stack, from infrastructure and protocol to business case-specific applications.

System interoperability

Connect your blockchain solution to existing business systems and wider networks, including the Ethereum mainnet, with our APIs.

Product Features

Deploy your blockchain solution and start growing your business

Codefi Workflow provides the foundational business logic to automate business processes and enable digital assets, decentralized applications, and blockchain payments.

Multi-Party Business Process Execution

Automate business processes between network participants with verifiable proofs of execution. Onboard users and configure application settings according to role permissions.

Organization Registry

Manage organization identity using DID (Decentralised Identity), interact with other ecosystem participants, provide verifiable credentials, and store and share private data upon request.

Data Management and Exchange

Guarantee consistency of records, design data privacy settings for different network participants, configure data formats for your use case; and store data and documents locally or on your business cloud.

Secure, Encrypted Intercompany Messaging

Share data through a messaging layer, private bilateral or multilateral channels for secure messaging.

Data Oracle and Anchoring

Anchor data on-chain and share with relevant ecosystem participants with verifiable proof. Publish public data on-chain. Audit network activity and verify proofs on-chain.

Built with Codefi Workflow


Covantis partnered with ConsenSys to create a global network for the efficient execution of bulk agricultural trade operations. The Covantis platform relies on Codefi Workflow to facilitate document sharing across participants through its chat and messaging functionality.

The Baseline Protocol

Industry leaders including EY and ConsenSys, donate code to public domain through non-profit standards body, OASIS, and join fourteen founding organizations to further develop Baseline Protocol.

Product Resources

In the Press

    EY and ConsenSys Announce Formation of Baseline Protocol Initiative

    March 4, 2020

    Covantis Initiative Announces ConsenSys as Lead Technology Partners

    January 23, 2020
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