VillageDAO: The First Decentralized Customer Care Platform for Web3

VillageDAO mobilizes communities into tokenized customer care teams to help humanity unlock Web3.  


4.5 billion people are connected to the internet, but only 3% of them have made their first step into Web3. Why? Because the journey into Web3 is challenging.

Soon, DAOs and Web3 companies will be able to leverage a village of verified experts to help facilitate and simplify the journey. VillageDAO is a decentralized customer care ecosystem that supports Web3 brands by providing community-operated customer care infrastructure. It is a platform where experts are incentivized to help community members unlock the world of Web3.

How it works

VillageDAO helps DAOs and Web3 companies ​​identify, authenticate, and empower experts from their communities—to serve their communities in exchange for rewards.

By elevating and incentivizing the most helpful contributors, Web3 companies can effectively entrust customer care and troubleshooting to their own users—thereby significantly strengthening community and scaling support.

“We view VillageDAO as the next wave of DAO, moving beyond the purely art and finance communities, and becoming a product or category in itself. VillageDAO empowers communities and consumers to support themselves to provide best-in-class service.” — Dror Avieli, Director of Customer Success at ConsenSys

What makes customer care in Web3 different?
  • In Web1, corporations both created and owned the content. 
  • In Web2, people create the content, but corporations still own it. 
  • Web3, however, is built on a people-to-people paradigm, where people create and own the content, helping each other in the process. 

VillageDAO augments that dynamic even further, creating a phenomenal people-to-people solution that leaves standard corporate customer care by the wayside.

“Together with ConsenSys, we’re proud to take another leap forward in the customer engagement space, further strengthening our innovation by creating the first decentralized customer care offering for Web3. Web3 is all about individuals helping each other, and we’re excited about the possibilities VillageDAO can open up for Web3 brands to empower their most highly engaged community members to give back and be rewarded by their communities.” — Brian Haley, Vice President of Marketing at LivePerson.

Use Case: The MetaMask Village

MetaMask is the world’s most trusted crypto wallet and gateway to Web3 with over 30 million monthly active users. Its community includes some of the most active and knowledgeable Web3 users today. Working with VillageDAO will mobilize and incentivize expert MetaMask users not only to improve support for existing users, but also to help onboard the next wave of new users into Web3.

Interested in learning more?

The VillageDAO team will host networking drinks alongside the Permissionless conference in Palm Beach, Florida on 18 May 2022 to discuss this project with prospective companies.


What's Next?

VillageDAO is looking for DAOs and Web3 companies interested in integrating VillageDAO into their communities.

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A ConsenSys x LivePerson Project