Fuzzing Tutorial: How to get started testing your smart contracts

On April 4th, we launched Diligence Fuzzing after several months perfecting the tool in beta. We’re excited to reintroduce Fuzzing to empower developers with the tools they need to ensure their smart contracts are tested and secure before deployed on mainnet. 

What is Diligence Fuzzing?

Diligence Fuzzing is an automated bug detection technique that involves inputting millions of invalid, unexpected, or (semi) random data points to cause unexpected behaviour. Fuzzing relies on annotations in the code, using the Scribble standard, to better identify vulnerabilities. Fuzzing compliments manual audits by providing new vulnerabilities detection techniques so they can avoid costly smart contract rewrites. 

How to use Fuzzing: Step-by-step tutorial to smart contract testing

Watch the below tutorial to learn the steps to get started using Fuzzing. You get up to 10 hours of Fuzzing free and the tool is easy to use.

To learn more visit Diligence Fuzzing.

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