ConsenSys Diligence Partners with StarkWare To Expand Auditing Services

Earlier this year, ConsenSys Diligence announced its partnership with StarkWare to expand its security audit capabilities for smart contracts written in Cairo and deployed on StarkWare.

“We were very impressed by the team’s in-depth analysis and understanding of Cairo, overcoming the fact that this is a new language. Consensys Diligence has already contributed to the safety of StarkEx by detecting a bug that was promptly fixed.” said Uri Kolodny, Co-founder and CEO at StarkWare about the partnership.

In preparation, Diligence underwent an 8-week sprint to research and learn Cairo and ZK theory. The process involved forming an internal research team of Diligence auditors with support and resources from StarkWare. Once the team learned the language, they moved on to practice demo audits.

These were monitored and completed in close collaboration with the StarkWare team. During the first demo audit, the team found a missing check within the settlement of limit orders, which an adversarial operator could have used to extract funds from the system.

Joran Honig, ConsenSys Diligence Product Lead who worked closely with the team said, “It has been great working with the StarkWare team. They have built amazing technology and we’re excited to help secure the future of Ethereum!” about the collaboration.

Beginning in November 2022, ConsenSys Diligence will be ready to begin taking on real-world Cairo audits. If you’re interested in auditing your Cairo contracts, please contact our team here and specify you are working on StarkWare in the inquiry box.

ConsenSys Diligence is part of the product portfolio at ConsenSys, a leading blockchain development software company. This means Diligence services are easily integrated with developer tools like MetaMask Snaps and Infura’s suite of Web3 APIs. Learn more about how StarkWare worked with ConsenSys to receive the full Web3 dev stack for StarkNet here.

About ConsenSys Diligence:

ConsenSys Diligence has provided services, tools, and best practices for blockchain security since 2016. We improve and protect the ecosystem by promoting technical excellence, and ethical principles, to encourage a healthy, innovative environment. Our incentives are aligned with the long-term health of the Ethereum ecosystem rather than short-term revenue; this has allowed us to gain the trust of industry leaders including Coinbase, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, Fei Protocol, 0x, SKALE, 1 Inch Exchange as well as Enterprise global trade projects such as Komgo and Covantis, and more. Contact Diligence

About Starkware:

StarkWare invented, and continually develops, STARK-based Layer-2 Validity Proof scaling solutions over Ethereum. StarkWare’s solutions, which rely on Ethereum’s security, have settled over $380B, and over 100M transactions, serving hundreds of thousands of users. StarkNet, StarkWare’s permissionless general-purpose scaling solution, is live (Alpha) on Ethereum Mainnet. StarkEx, a custom standalone scaling service, has been powering applications since June 2020, including dYdX, Immutable X, Sorare, and DeversiFi. Contact Starkware

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