Mobymask Mvp Snap

1 Executive Summary

This report presents the results of our engagement with MetaMask to review their Metamask MobyMask MVP Snaps code base. The review was conducted over one week, from April 24, 2023 to April 28, 2023, by Bernhard Gomig. A total of 5 person-days were spent.

Over all, no issue was identified within the MobyMask code. However one Major issue was identified within the remaining code base that was not in scope of this assessment. Due to the criticality of this vulnerability, this issue was mentioned for completeness. Further details can be found can be found here

2 Scope

The following files were in scope of this security assessment:

  • code/packages/snap/src/index.ts 39bddb55bd581ca10fa995edc5bbc7d40acbdb3a
  • code/packages/snap/src/insights.ts af70ec186681474bb46b32584797d066f1ec9d8d

However, parts of the whole repository with the commit hash f3236b21ea5e5bb341c6b64857ebfc8ab93038e4 to get a better understanding of the underlying snaps interaction.

2.1 Objectives

Together with the MetaMask MobyMask Snap team, we identified the following priorities for our review:

  1. Ensure that the system is implemented consistently with the intended functionality, and without unintended edge cases.
  2. Identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations how to remediate them.

3 Findings

Issues are assigned a severity reflecting the risk they pose to the system and business scenarios. The rating is an enriched variant of the CVSS scoring system, taking additional information about the system, its intended use case scenarios, and the trust relationships - as outlined by the client - into account. For reference, the generic CVSSv2 Base Score is provided along with every issue.

Each issue has an assigned severity:

  • Critical issues have a significant impact on Confidentiality, Integrity, or Availability of systems or data. Accessibility is unrestricted or negligible.
  • Major issues have a significant impact on Confidentiality, Integrity, or Availability of systems or data. Accessibility of the vulnerability is more restricted.
  • Medium issues have a partial impact on Confidentiality, Integrity, or Availability of systems or data. Accessibility of the vulnerability is more restricted or requires additional information.
  • Minor issues have limited or no direct impact on Confidentiality, Integrity, or Availability of systems or data.

3.1 Dependencies With Publicly Known Vulnerabilities (Out of Scope) Major

3.2 Description

The snaps project defines a dependency (@truffle/[email protected] within the yarn.lock file vulnerable to publicly known weaknesses rated as High or Medium in the CVSS scoring system. It should be noted that the identified areas were not directly in the scope of the code review and are listed for the sake of completeness.

The following @truffle/[email protected] weaknesses were identified:

3.3 Recommendation

Review all identified dependencies and update the newest, stable version where applicable. Additionally, review the current patch policy to ensure the components are updated as soon as a fix exists. For the identified vulnerable components, the following versions provide fixes:

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